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With the advent of the digital age. We understand the importantance of being up to date on latest softwares and hardware which helps us maintain international standards. We record, edit, manipulate, mix and master sound. We are known for making artistic and technical decisions,understanding the budget and giving quality output.

One of the best work experience of Seed Studios include working with University of technology. Sydney This experience helped us realize and understand how audio recording is done globally and how to implement it in our country according to our native standards.

Whatever style you want, we can provide an effective and mind-blowing song production by giving the quality expected by the music industry.
Control Room
Seed Studios control room is spacious and acoustically designed with various absorbers and bass traps to provide an accurate mixing environment.This helps in mixing and providing impeccable audio quality both in the recording studio and when your CD is played on other systems. The room is isolated from the other rooms and features a floating wood floor, comfortable sofa and lines of sight to the live room.
Live Room
Our live room featured with a space of 200 sq ft for professionals to perform. The acoustics in this room are world-class and this makes a huge difference to the quality of the recorded sound. It also features a fully floating wood floor, fresh air replacement and excellent sight lines to the control room
Our Services

Mixing is a skill all on it's own and is incredibly important to the overall sound of a song. The mix of a song can change the character of your music dramatically, adding warmth, punch, space or clarity.

It's vital that you get your music mastered properly. A good audio master will make your music stand out and add warmth, volume and solidity.
  • Recording & promotion
  • Music & audio solutions
  • Recording, production, mixing & mastering
  • AV sync
  • Foley
  • Composition, sound design & audio post
  • Voice-over
  • Audio books
  • Over dubs
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